The Venice of Saint Tropez


Located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in the Var, the Port-Grimaud attracts thousands of visitors every year along its canals. True lakeside city of modern times, this giant marina was imagined and built by the architect François Spoerry from 1966. Since 2002, it has been listed as Heritage of the 20th century, an official French label created in 1999 by the Ministry of Culture to be awarded to architectural and town-planning achievements belonging to the cultural heritage of the 20th century.

A unique city composed of three districts connected by bridges, divided by canals and bordered by the beach. We could speak of Venice in the French style, but this one in addition to having its sumptuous canals offers for border a breathtaking beach. And just like Venice, the latter is entirely pedestrian; the walk will therefore be on foot, by bike or by boat between the canals.

There, the houses are Provencal style but also with Mediterranean influences. They are dyed colored unostentatious and in harmony with the azure, dear to the South of France. True rewriting of marine space, where each house has its mooring ring, his concept is that of a village where the earth and the sea intermingle.


Probably the most beautiful city of the French Riviera for lovers of peace and quiet!