The docks of the capital 


Dazzling and imposing docks listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Crossing Paris along the Seine means tasting a thousand escapades on the river, the docks, the bridges and the islands, day or night, left docks or right docks, close to the lapping or going back and forth docks. The ride can be done by boat, car, bicycle, electric scooter or even by foot.
Overlooked by Notre-Dame cathedral, if this is the soul of Paris, the Seine quays are the spirit. The Grand and Petit Palais are unveiled under the arch of a bridge, anglers settle in the prow of a small garden, mallard ducks make circles in the water, the Louvre plays hide and seek with a cruise ship, Notre-Dame-de-Paris rises to the sound of the violin of a street musician, a shipyard crane stands in the distance, between the weeping willows ...
The Seine tells about Paris, from the cradle of the City to the renewal of the quays of Bercy upstream and the triumphant Dame Eiffel downstream. Throughout its extent, all the major buildings of the capital borders it. To visit the quays and its banks is to visit most of the city of lights.